Links We Like Friday

Links We Like

Cool Inventions  I like the peel back shade!


The Lion King      Parenting Done Right



Famous Last Words of Famous People


Talent Rally Highlights 2014 (Very Talented Kids…check out MJ!)


You know this popped into your head the first time you heard the song. Don’t deny it!


If You Haven’t Seen This…Shame On YOU!!! 🙂



Links We Like

Links We Like


…I know you just sang that line….now you’re going to listen to the song, aren’t you? …Yeah you will…and why not it’s FRIDAY!!! 🙂



5th grade boys Synchronized Swimming Talent Show Skit 



Dude Sits Down At Public Piano…. Gives it a Schoolin



Kid Singin’ the Blues…like a boss



These Marines Just Let it Go




Links We Like

Links We Like

            It’s Finally Friday!!!



Horse teases dog with tug of war



In honor of Baseball Season starting…Nolan Ryan and Craig Biggio together for the opening pitch!



THE LION KING Australia: Cast Sings Circle of Life on Flight Home from Brisbane



Samuel L. Jackson Performs Slam Poem About “Boy Meets World”



Clean, Single and looking for a Mate!  Very cute laundry room sock holder.  This is hilarious.





Links We Like!

Links We Like

          FRIDAY IS HERE!!!



Things You Did As A Kid That Your Kids Will Never Do


Slightly Weird But Really Cool!


If You Haven’t Already Seen This…All Three of You…WOW!


 Even Animals Love Playing in Puddles