Since 2020, Frame Dance has worked with HISD campuses to bring a thoughtfully developed screendance curriculum to middle and high school students interested in film and dance. This program benefits schools and students by:

1) giving dance students a critical introduction to a vast and varied art genre

2) giving screendance students an avenue to share their artistic work worldwide

As the focus of public education continues to shift away from the arts, we are proud that this collaboration provides students an opportunity to affirm and expand their artistry, and teaches them how to use their phones/technology in creative, productive ways!

Screendance is a genre with an important history that is – like a lot of media – becoming more and more democratized and accessible, meaning that every screendance maker can reach a vast audience with a well-made film. We want each dance film to be an expression of each student’s experience and to expand their appreciation for and ability to create dance for film.

Topics of instruction include

  • Choosing/creating locations for filming, including permissions for filming
  • Choosing/collaborating on music, including consideration of copyright
  • Choreography for the camera
  • Filming, i.e. choreography of the camera
  • Editing
  • Short film narrative
  • History of dance for film
  • Artist statement and the process of film submission for festivals