young children dancing at a dance studio.



Frame Dance is a thought leader in early childhood dance education, inspiring the next generation of movers, makers, and world changers. We believe in developing the whole dancer, teaching critical life skills such as creative thinking, leadership, collaboration, and resilience through our holistic, engaging, age-appropriate and technically sound dance curriculum.

At Frame Dance, you will find:

  • Small Class Sizes: Our small class sizes allow instructors to offer individualized attention to each child, nurturing and developing their unique strengths and talents.
  • Exceptional Teachers: Our classes are led by highly trained and experienced teaching artists, many of whom are part of the Frame Dance Ensemble and perform professionally around town..
  • Body Positive, Age Appropriate Instruction: Our holistic dance education curriculum has been thoughtfully created by Artistic Director, Lydia Hance, and teaching artist, Ashley Horn. With a combined 35 years of teaching experience, they bring to each class lesson plans that are engaging, technically sound, and developmentally appropriate.
  • Focus on Dance-Making: Our mission is to develop dance-makers who can boldly share their unique point of view with the world, not simply replicate the instructor. We teach technique and choreography while strengthening and nurturing our dancers’ creativity and authenticity.
  • Performance Experience: Each year, our dancers are invited to perform alongside the Frame Dance Professional Dance Company and our Community Ensemble. This is a unique, deeply rewarding experience that our students never forget!


We all know dance is FUN, but it also offers numerous benefits for children, including:

  1. Physical Health: It promotes fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, and overall physical health through movement and exercise.
  2. Emotional Development: Dance allows children to express emotions, develop self-confidence, and enhance their emotional awareness and regulation.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: It fosters creativity, imagination, and innovation as children explore different movements and choreography.
  4. Social Skills: Through group classes and performances, children learn teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills, fostering friendships and a sense of belonging.
  5. Cognitive Development: Dance enhances cognitive abilities such as memory, focus, and problem-solving, improving brain function and academic performance.
  6. Cultural Appreciation: Children learn about different styles of dance, music, and cultural traditions, fostering an appreciation for diversity.
  7. Self-Discipline and Goal Setting: Dance instills discipline, dedication, and goal-setting, teaching children the value of practice and perseverance.



“At Frame Dance, I see a different side of my child. She’s confident, she smiles, she sees herself as a dancer and an artist. When she dances, you’d never guess this beautiful ballerina has had a lifetime of struggle. Through Frame Dance she’s developed a long, lean, strong body, beautiful balance and some very impressive technique. She confidently interacts with her peers and teachers and learns teamwork, collaboration, artistry and dance making through their Youth Ensemble class. I always know that she will be safe and loved by Frame’s teachers, but that she’ll also grow in skills and confidence. ” A.G.


“Thanks to you and the entire Frame Dance team for a wonderful recital. I let Lydia and the others know after the show, but I wanted to reiterate how lovely it was. The dancers did a fantastic job and the atmosphere and experience was really beautiful.” N.F.


“I’ve noticed it takes a bit of time for Emilia to feel comfortable in a group setting, but she’s always excited to go to the studio because any hesitation she may have it’s quickly put at ease by how welcoming and kind everyone is, specially the instructors. They’re really engaged with the children during their time together, so thank you for offering this amazing space for her!” M.T.


“My children have loved the Primary Ballet and Kinder Ballet classes. Frame Dance is such a welcoming environment- the teachers are so kind and talented, the waiting area is family friendly with books and toys, Lydia Hance (the Founder & Artistic Director) greets each student by name…it is a place where my children are excited to return each week!” C.N.