Dance, music, visual arts…they are as important to the human soul as food and water are to the body. 

The last few years have been extremely challenging, and many Houstonians are still dealing with post-pandemic feelings of  isolation, high anxiety, and grief. The recent economic strain on families, disconnection from our natural environments, and highly polarized political landscape has led to an unprecedented mental health crises among adults, teens, and children.

Which is why Frame Dance is more committed than ever to creating and sharing our work with the Houston community. Work that’s meaningful, that inspires and connects us, that nurtures a new generation of leaders innovators, and creators, and that gives us a glimpse of a different, brighter, more compassionate world.

According to Dr. Sará King— neuroscientist, medical anthropologist – art and music are some of the most accessible expressions of creativity that we have as a species in order to heal ourselves. Research over the years has not only proven the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of dance, but ranked it as the most beneficial compared to activities such as walking or stretching.

FD ignites and fosters personal and community transformation through the connection of mind, heart, and body in dance education, creation, and performance. Join us in our mission to change the world through joyful, informed, radically inclusive movement!