Tuesday Tunes: The Roaring Twenties!

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes


 For the next few of weeks, Tuesday Tunes will be spotlighting famous dance crazes throughout the decades!


         This Tuesday Tunes celebrates the…





The spirit of the 1920’s was marked with a disdain for modesty and the breaking of traditions which brought the sensations of jazz music and the ideology and fashion of the flappers. The Roaring Twenties, also know as the Golden Twenties, was a time of raised skirts, bobbed hair  and exciting parties filled with fun cocktails and wild dances. Dances like the Charleston, Black Bottom, the Shimmy (which was actually banned in certain areas)and many others took the world by storm and dancing to a whole new level. 



The Charleston, the Shimmy and the Lindy Hop


Black Bottom 1926, and The Black Bottom Dance


1920’s – Quickstep Vs Charleston