Links We Like Friday GAME DAY!!!

Hi Framers.  I’m excited to do Links We Like this week.  A *little* known fact about me: I LOVE games.  Love them.  So, I’m throwing a wrench in the LWL for this Friday in two– 2 — T. W. O. ways.  Answer in a comment.

1) They are images, not links.

2) Your challenge is to correctly name the choreographer/company in each of the images below.  Ready?  Go.

LWLModernDance3 LWLModernDance2 LWLModernDance6 LWLModernDance5 LAB_Nutcracker Performance - Royce Hall, UCLA - 111217 LWLModernDance1

Links We Like

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  1. Heather Nabors says:

    1. Jose Limon
    2. Paul Taylor
    3 Fred Astaire
    4 ? I’m not sure about this one. Is it you? 🙂
    5. Balanchine
    6 Martha Graham

    Fun game!

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