Frame Dance Composers: What are they up to now?

Tuesday Tunes

As we get ready to announce the winner of this year’s Music Composition Competition, we thought we’d let you know what the past winners are up to now.  We think they’re outstanding.

Starting with the most recent, today’s update is on Robert Honstein, 2014 Winner.

robert honstein

Robert Honstein

Robert’s recent collaboration with New York based early music ensemble, The Sebastians, has been released as an album, ‘Night Scenes from the Ospedale’. The disc weaves together selections from Vivaldi’s L’Estro Armonico with a new suite of night music by Honstein. In these companion pieces Robert imagines “Night Scenes” from the Ospedale della Pietà where Vivaldi worked as performer, composer, and teacher. These evocative interludes comprise “a kind of music barely heard, melting into the stillness of empty rooms and dimly lit hallways” and exist in stark juxtaposition with the bold, exuberant Vivaldi concerti. Stream sample tracks and order a copy here (

Rehearsal notes, part 1


Rehearsal Notes– dancers, I’ve made some notes so you can know you’re on track while listening.  2 tiny changes you’ll see as well.  I added one more retrograded A-I motion for D in the first round, and I took away one of the bells at the very last build up.  I must have been off by one.

Part 1– Repose

1-5 JB (AH walks)

6-10 AH (JB walks)

11-15 AH (AS walks) 13 is short

16-20 AS (DG walks) 16 is short Continue reading