Rehearsal notes, part 1

Rehearsal Notes– dancers, I’ve made some notes so you can know you’re on track while listening.  2 tiny changes you’ll see as well.  I added one more retrograded A-I motion for D in the first round, and I took away one of the bells at the very last build up.  I must have been off by one.

Part 1– Repose

1-5 JB (AH walks)

6-10 AH (JB walks)

11-15 AH (AS walks) 13 is short

16-20 AS (DG walks) 16 is short

21-25 DG (all walk) (I added one more)

*benchmark: 19 has added strike of percussive sound toward the end of its cycle


Letters 1-6 JB + DG wobbly sound

Letters 1-3 AS

AH letters start after 2, does 1 more (AH does 2 total)

Letters 1 JB + AS very long cycles

Letters 1 AH has strike sound

Letters 1 DG long

Letters 3 DG, AS

Letters 2 JB, AH

Starts 4 of 4 DG

Starts 3 of 4 AS

Starts 2 of 4 AH, JB

slowly brush kneecaps

heart attack 😉


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