Frame Composers: What are they up to now?

Tuesday Tunes

Rob in China2013 Winner

Robert McClure


Robert McClure moved to China and accepted the new position of Assistant Professor of
Music Composition at Soochow University in Suzhou, China (close to Shanghai) in 2013. Over the past year and a half his music has been performed across North America, Asia, and Europe at Festivals such as Sonorities Contemporary Music Festival, New York City Electronic Music Festival, North American Saxophone Alliance National Conference, Festival Musiquem, and the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium. His recent/current projects include a piece for violin and percussion, fixed media piece withRobert McClure sounds from the Anji Mountains in China, piece for vibraphone and computer, piece for bass flute, clarinet, and computer, and a new string quartet for Frame Dance to be premiered sometime in 2016. On April 30, 2014, he and his wife Kate welcomed their first child, Violet August. She is in great health and an absolute joy. She is getting quite proficient at the maracas but also shows promise with ukulele and the melodica and enjoys dancing to early 90’s hip hop.






Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

We’re getting really excited about this year’s Music Composition Competition. This is the fifth year! We’ve been beyond honored to work with not only ridiculously talented composers, but kind, funny, collaborative people.  Today was inspired by this, which makes me realize how important it is to be inspired by your collaborators, but also to have fun.  These are some fun promo videos we made for a show in 2013.


Talking to the composers about their music:

Ecouter: Another Afternoon with the Composers from Frame Dance Productions on Vimeo.

Composer silliness:

Ecouter: An Afternoon With The Composers from Frame Dance Productions on Vimeo.