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Links We Like Performances/Screenings

For links we like we thought we’d throw back to some Frame Dance Tiny Dances from our show called The Black Space.  We made a series of these tiny silent films that were made to be viewed on a smart phone.  Stay tuned for the second one next Friday.


The Black Space: Tiny Dance 1 from Frame Dance Productions on Vimeo.


Today we were listed in Arts + Culture’s 16 Standouts of the Fall 2014 for Truck Dances at the Dance Source Houston’s 10th Anniversary Party and DiverseWorks’s Fashion Fete.  We are honored and thrilled!  I was a choreographer on the Afoot! project with Forklift Danceworks and Houston Arts Alliance. Afoot! was the big marching band project in the East End earlier this year.  What a full Fall we had!  We also performed in Austin with the Baylor Percussion Ensemble and composer Robert Honstein as well as at the Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival at A&M University. Not to mention METRODances on the light rail. I need a breather!  Photos by Jonathon Hance, Charles Halka, Lorie Evans, Lydia Hance.



Links We Like Friday

Free Events Thursday Links We Like Performances/Screenings

Hi All, this is one link we REALLY like.  Save the date: Nov. 8 at 4pm!

Check this out about our upcoming piece, METRO Dances!

“Frame Dance artistic director Lydia Hance has little interest in traditional performance spaces. In fact, her most recent shows have occurred in the back of a truck and Good Dog Houston. She prefers audiences members to bemetrodances_flier scattered among the performers. She’s ready to take it to a new level on Nov. 8 at 4pm with Metro Dances, which begins at Hermann Park/Rice University and ends at the Preston stop for a final performance at Market Square.

Dancing will occur on and off the train, and audiences are free to come and go. Halka, a former winner of Frame Dance Composer’s contest, will provide the mobile score. This will mark his third collaboration with the troupe. Of course, the only ticket involved is a $1.25 MetroRail pass. The show is nicely timed to coincide withMusiqa’s Market Square opening night concert.

metrodances_logoHance describes Metro Dances as a locomotive, mobile and public performance. “MetroRail is a space that people already have an expectation for,” explains Hance. “We know our physical role: buy ticket, wait, board, sit, get off. I want to turn that upside down and make it more exciting. If there are two things that Houston complains about, it is the heat and travel to and from work and leisure. Finding new ways of enjoying transportation opens up the possibility to make anything more exciting. And what could be more crazy than a moving stage? The dancers and musicians are in for as much as a thrill as the audience. You won’t miss us: fearless dancers and percussionists dressed in bright yellow.”

Texas Dance Improvisation Festival


This year, the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival will be held at Sam Houston State University.  We will be performing at  Texas A&M University during the festival, but we think you should attend!  Read this interview with Erin Reck, the organizer of this year’s festival.  The dates: Oct. 2-4, 2014.


73819_119232498138028_8255209_nWhat is TDIF?

TDIF celebrates improvisational dance in Texas and beyond, coming together as dance and music artists to share, inspire and challenge our improvising arts community. The festival opens with a Thursday night jam from 6:30-10pm, followed by two days of classes, performances, and jams with well-known teachers from Texas and beyond. Friday and Saturday night will feature performances by esteemed guest artist, Lisa Nelson and other festival instructors and participants, followed by a reception and a closing jam.


What types of classes will be offered?

Improvisation and process based classes will be offered. Classes that ask participants to be involved and invested in their own individual explorations and a collective awareness of  ensemble.



DSC_2788What if I’ve never been in an improvisation class?  Will I be in over my head?

Perhaps. But one must jump in order to know. If it is a new practice for you, I encourage you to be open to making your own choices about your movement, your body, and your connection to the group.



Can I drop in for a class, or do I need to attend the full festival?

Absolutely! Drop in for one class, one performance, or come to 6 classes and 2 performances. All for one cost. It is a sliding scale fee to continue to make TDIF affordable for everyone who would like to attend.  Pay what you can. The money that you give goes directly to supporting the TDIF artists.


DSC_3108If there’s one thing you can say about this weekend, what would it be?  What do you want the participants to take away from this experience?

Well…I cannot dictate what one will take away from a TDIF weekend. Some things that describe it for me are: fulfilled, enriched, connected, proactive, empowered, learn, create, collaborate, share, space, moment.

Dinner / Dance 19: A success!


Thank you to all who came to our Dinner / Dance 19 event last Monday.  It was SO much fun.

photo by J. Boe photography
photo by J. Boe photography

Thank you to the chefs, David Leftwich (Sugar & Rice); Adam Dorris (Revival Market) and Richard Knight (Down House).  The talent in that kitchen was explosive.  I encourage you (yes, REALLY) to go to their restaurants and to get a subscription to Sugar & Rice magazine.   I have one and it is like Christmas morning when each edition arrives.  Beautiful photography and fantastic articles.  #framehubby and I have been to Down House twice in the past week (one of our favorites– and one of the best place to get cocktails in Houston).  Revival Market is another one of our favorites: either to purchase the BEST meat (bacon, anyone?) if we’re cooking for someone or for a beautiful breakfast/lunch/brunch with fabulous coffee, butcher shop and grocery market.  And we would be amiss to neglect the super cool Good Dog Houston, where we held the event.  Another local business that we’re nuts over.  Try the Sloppy Slaw Dog.  Trust.

Yet another reminder of the very cool and creative people in Houston.  The secret is getting out, and traffic is increasing.

Nancy Wozny was in attendance to review Dinner/Dance 19, and here it isBlushing over this part: “I do know that Hance and her “framers” are doing some of the most compelling and entertaining work in Houston.”

Be sure to check it out in the upcoming Arts and Culture Texas.  We’ll be at the June release happy hour, will you?

These photos are by Jonathon Hance.

DinnerDance 001 DinnerDance 003 (1) DinnerDance 004 (1) DinnerDance 013

Stay tuned for:

Children’s Classes

Framing Bodies: SHAMED (film)

Imaginary Spaces with Charles Halka (Fall 2014)

Frame Dance at Rice University this Past Weekend

Composers Performances/Screenings

This past Friday, April 18 we presented our film Quiver and an excerpt of FM in Mark Hirsch’s Master’s Recital at the Shepherd School of Music.  Don’t know what these pieces are?  Here’s a little refresher:

“Eerie electronic music by Mark Hirsch amplifies the unsettling elements, punctuating the piece with shifts in sonic structure to galvanize our attention…Hance frames her dancers in each shot with a keen eye for proportion, letting the shot’s visual organization register before a movement sequence begins.” -Arts + Culture Magazine

FM (excerpt)
Premiered at DiverseWorks last summer, collaborator Mark Hirsch sought to create a space where, in the midst of our frantically-paced days, we can explore a slower tempo of experience–where we can get in close and listen to the soft, intimate stories of complete strangers.

This program by composer Mark Hirsch also included new music for harp with wind chimes, string quartet, and guitar.

The wonderfully talented Jonathon Hance took pictures of the evening, so I thought I’d share them with you!


Thanks to the GREAT crowd who came to the show!

Get your tickets for Dinner / Dance 19.  You seriously don’t want to miss this deliciously fun artful event.

To Art,