Texas Dance Improvisation Festival

This year, the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival will be held at Sam Houston State University.  We will be performing at  Texas A&M University during the festival, but we think you should attend!  Read this interview with Erin Reck, the organizer of this year’s festival.  The dates: Oct. 2-4, 2014.


73819_119232498138028_8255209_nWhat is TDIF?

TDIF celebrates improvisational dance in Texas and beyond, coming together as dance and music artists to share, inspire and challenge our improvising arts community. The festival opens with a Thursday night jam from 6:30-10pm, followed by two days of classes, performances, and jams with well-known teachers from Texas and beyond. Friday and Saturday night will feature performances by esteemed guest artist, Lisa Nelson and other festival instructors and participants, followed by a reception and a closing jam.


What types of classes will be offered?

Improvisation and process based classes will be offered. Classes that ask participants to be involved and invested in their own individual explorations and a collective awareness of  ensemble.



DSC_2788What if I’ve never been in an improvisation class?  Will I be in over my head?

Perhaps. But one must jump in order to know. If it is a new practice for you, I encourage you to be open to making your own choices about your movement, your body, and your connection to the group.



Can I drop in for a class, or do I need to attend the full festival?

Absolutely! Drop in for one class, one performance, or come to 6 classes and 2 performances. All for one cost. It is a sliding scale fee to continue to make TDIF affordable for everyone who would like to attend.  Pay what you can. The money that you give goes directly to supporting the TDIF artists.


DSC_3108If there’s one thing you can say about this weekend, what would it be?  What do you want the participants to take away from this experience?

Well…I cannot dictate what one will take away from a TDIF weekend. Some things that describe it for me are: fulfilled, enriched, connected, proactive, empowered, learn, create, collaborate, share, space, moment.


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