This was the first weekend that I haven’t done any work for Frame in probably six months.  And I was sick.  Awesome.  But still, I could feel my mind relaxing, letting go– and not in a brain dead kind of way.  In a “oh yeah, weekends are good for re-grouping” kind of way.  Even though I was asleep or half-asleep for most of the weekend, I found myself thinking of movement.  Bits of choreography, concepts, things that interest me, and things that challenge me.  And there weren’t any lofty concepts like, oh I don’t know, LOVE or um, perhaps, ISOLATION.  It was just movement.  It felt like a cold glass of water.  It felt fresh to my mind.  I have decided that I am going to play outside of my comfort zone a LOT on the movement vocabulary for the next project.  More on that later.  But for now I’m just sifting through ideas, finding what peeks my imagination, and finding something that feels refreshing.  I feel like I need something refreshing.

And I believe in the break.  Believe me, I do.  So I was reluctant when I allowed my mind to start thinking in dance at all.  But then I realized that the editing process for me lacked movement entirely.  I’m watching the movement on the screen (the same movement I’ve seen for six months) and I’m sitting still.  So I gave myself a break.  I just wanted move move, or imagine moving.  Speaking of which, I think the other reason I wanted to dance this weekend was because I have been injured for several weeks.  I pulled my calf and it’s just finally almost healed.  Kind of a blessing that it was during a film project, and not a live show.  It’s had time to heal.  But now I’m really ready for it to be back to normal.


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