To the fans of Frame, we had a blast with you this past weekend.  Two full houses and an added show because you wouldn’t take “sold out” sitting down.  It’s always so great when we make beautiful things and people watch.  We hope that you went home changed and influenced by the cast who took such risks, had such courage, and spoke/wrote/danced so sincerely.

People have asked about future Framing Bodies films– meaning the films Frame makes that involve community members (“Framing Bodies”).  Yes. Framing Bodies:_____.   We will do it again.  And hopefully again and again.  If you are interested in financially sponsoring another community film, or participating in one, or volunteering for one, please email

If you came this weekend, we’re glad you did.  If you missed it, we will be screening it in the new year, not to worry. So stay tuned.  It’s on the books.  It will happen.

Love and Merci,



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