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When I was in Virginia, about two years ago as part of the Rockbridge Artist Exchange, I stumbled upon  an artist named Cindi L’Abbe on twitter. Through her web presence I found out about her work and interest in both community, interaction and technology– sound familiar?  She is the choreographer and artistic director of Dilettante Dance.   She is also an excellent writer, and I’m always a sucker for smart dance artists.  Her community-based work, EveryBody Dances is what inspired me to begin our Framing Bodies series.  LOVE ME, was our first chapter.  I’ve been following her ever since.  She’s our guest curator for Links We Like. Enjoy!

Dilettante Dance (Cindi, seated, Sara Ann Simpkins, standing and the shadow of David Ross (guitarist)'s head at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore MD a few years ago.) Photo by Z.Z. Handler
This one is fun. The images are quirky and cute, and the text is a score for the dances of daily life.
Dance Exchange’s interactive website is another way to see a piece, both in process or as an end in itself. I’m always curious about interactivity, process as product, and use of technology in conjunction with dance. I also love to ‘click around’.
Speaking of clicking around, this site for William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing Reproduced doesn’t really get old. Someone on my Twitter feed recently called Forsythe, “the Radiohead of the dance world”. He is pretty cool.
Artists from different mediums share their creative tools for finding inspiration.
Rumi- Those Who Don’t Feel This Love- This is one of my favorite things on the internet, ever.
I’m working (off and on!) on a new work, which is collaborative (with a visual artist), and eventually, interactive. Right now, I’m collecting images, and using those to generate movement ideas. I’m always interested in creating inroads for interactivity in my work, and would love to experiment with inviting some kind of interaction even at these very beginning stages. So, please check out my board, and think about what these images bring up for you. Feel free to comment on the images on Pinterest or on Twitter (@dilettantedance), and if you have images to suggest, I’d love to see them as well.

Cindi L’Abbe is currently an ESL teacher in South Korea, and soon to be drifter blowing in the wind. She has danced and choreographed with/as Dilettante Dance, and is interested in technology, interactivity and collaboration in the movement arts. You can keep track of her on Twitter @dilettantedance.

Links We Like

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