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I was reminded of the importance of context yesterday—dance needs context.  Okay, I hear those post-modern groans out there, but could it be, if intended, that no context can be context?  Anyway, that’s not where I’m going with this.  I could go into how I chose to name my company, but I’ll just start here.  The idea of framing dance, as in how it’s framed, not just what frames it, is why a blog has been in the Frame Dance vision since Day 1.  I think of the framers of the Constitution.  I’m here to experiment with how social media can engage others to be framers of art, framers of Frame.  Ready to take a risk?

The concept of a secret is intriguing me.  At what point do words and/or actions become a secret?  Is there a desire to conceal?  Next my mind goes to the actions of hiding, concealing and then revealing; we have great power as human beings to conceal ourselves and also, and equally as powerful, to reveal ourselves.  I feel these concepts can be visualized most easily with shadows.  A shadow can completely, moderately or slightly alter an image.  And it can be temporary, for the image itself exists regardless of the light on it, regardless of the shadow.  But the shadow alters our perception of it.  So why, as humans, do we conceal truth—instinctively or deliberately?

-Maybe a drive to maintain its purity of existence?



To protect its sanctity, sacredness, holiness?


To protect others or oneself?

And what happens if it loses its secrecy? Who is hurt, if any?  Does it boil down to deception or omission or love?

When is it worth protecting a secret?  When is it not?

Because for some “listeners,” a secret isn’t a secret if they are unaffected. Does the party that is intended to be uninformed hold the power of the identity of the secret?

Water, stories, the body,

All the things we do, are mediums

We hide and show what’s hidden

Study them,

And enjoy this being washed

With a secret we sometimes know,

And then not.  -RUMI

Is the Unknown a secret? Knowledge we have not yet acquired… lessons, truths, the future… are these secrets?  Are they truths just concealed, or do they even exist before experienced?

I wouldn’t just love your feedback; I need it, dear Reader.  This is truly the beginning of my process, the initial musings and wonderings I’m trying to untangle and explore–concealing and revealing.  I am so curious to find out how Web 2.0 social media networking can shape the artistic process—throughout the process.  I, too, get bogged down when too many questions are asked, but I urge you—do any of these ideas trigger your thoughts?


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  1. Mark Polhemus says:

    When is it worth protecting a secret? When its revelation would hurt someone without any constructive, positive offset.

    When is it not? When revealing the secret would uplift, enrich, or encourage another.

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