Can you tell I’ve been Rumi-fied lately?

Conceal—cover, cover up, screen, obscure, mask, hide

Reveal—make known, disclose, divulge, expose, make public, let slip, tell

These are synonyms I found for the verbs conceal and reveal. The ones in orange, to me, seem like words that carry negative connotations in our society for one reason or another.  But it’s interesting to me that the synonyms in orange are negative only as reflections upon the doer of the action, not as a moral statement on the action as it stands alone.

Now I’m thinking, generally speaking, reveal=good; conceal=bad.  But for exploration’s sake…

We’ve all heard “The truth shall set you free.”  Have you ever experienced a time when it hasn’t?

Free from what?

It’s true that when I’ve had a secret, the burden is sometimes more than my fleshly humanity can endure.  Is that just a weakness?  In which case, is revealing something just an avoidance of struggle? Or is that part of an inevitable gravitational pull?  Rumi writes, “The secret moves toward/the knower of secrets.”

Love has nothing to do with journeys

Through time and space

Love wants only to be drawn

toward the Friend.

After that, secrets

may be told.

A secret moves toward

The knower of secrets.  -Rumi

Is there an inevitable gravitational pull from the unknown into the known?

What am I getting at…is concealing something pointless?

I’m interested in the types of things that people want to conceal, and the types of things that people conceal without intent.  Thoughts?


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