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Dear Readers,

I haven’t written too much about CONTEXT, just some pics, video, and of course the dates of it: May 11 at 8pm, May 12 at 2pm and 8pm and May 13 at 8pm.  It will be held in the upstairs gallery of Winter Street Studios.  Where-ish is this place? It is roughly in between Washington St. and the Target at Taylor St. right off of I-10.  It is very industrial, and we’ll have a sign out to make sure you go to the right part of the building.  The building is an old train depot.


On to the juicier stuff:  this past week collaborator photographer Sil Azevedo and his partner in crime, Adriana Azevedo came down to Houston for site visits and our first photo shoot with him.  If you’re new to the site, here’s the premise of CONTEXT:

Houston’s fresh, new dance company, Frame Dance Productions, presents a show that makes live and visual arts social and interactive. CONTEXT is a multi-sensory gallery of music, photography, choreography and film.

The experience is cyclic and begins with a facilitated discussion through the photography and film exhibitions, leads to the live dance performance, and flows back into the gallery. The eye will see dance in both 2D and 3D shapes and movement, with each perspective coming from a different artist.

CONTEXT runs May 11-13 in the upstairs gallery of Winter Street Studios. This interactive format engages audiences and offers many ways of looking at the human body in movement: through photography by Sil Azevedo and Lorie Garcia, film by Lydia Hance, live performance by Frame Dance Productions and music by Charles Halka.

Cortney Piper, who will lead the discussion in the gallery, has worked with the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meadows Museum, and is currently at the University of South Carolina. Piper specializes in audience engagement in art, making the discussion of art approachable for all—from children, to seasoned arts aficionados, to first-time participants. All artists will be at the event to engage with audiences.


That’s CONTEXT.  So while Sil and Adriana were here, we scoured Houston for sites for his upcoming photo shoot which will make up all or part of his CONTEXT exhibition and spent some time in the event venue to soak in all the possibilities of installation of the exhibit. Sil is based in Dallas, so after seeing parts of the dance, hearing the music, and listening to me talk just a little bit about my choreogoraphy, he gave me some concepts and ideas he wants to play with in his photography of the dance.  I arranged for several site visits, and now he is deciding which place(s) will make the final cut.


I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a Frame Dance event.  Come absorb the art, because at a Frame Event, we’ll never seat belt you into a dark theater.  Walk, mingle, see, discuss, and fall in love.


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