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This week’s “Links We Like” is brought to you by Cortney Piper, who comes to us from the world of visual arts.  She is an educator, facilitator, and advocate for the arts and specializes in integrating digital arts into student curriculum.  She’s a perfect match for our Links We Like.  And she just happens to be my best friend.  Pay special attention to these links today:

Cortney’s Links She Likes:

Dr. Henry Jenkins, Provost Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, speaking on on digital media’s role in creating opportunities:

Also, his blog.  Theoretical, but worth perusing ideas on the participation in and creation of media and contemporary culture:


Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative (2001) and The Element: Finding Your Passion Changes Everything(2009), art educator and leader in the development of creativity, innovation, and human resources, speaking on collaboration and creativity in the 21st century:


Dr. Ronald W. Neperud, former Professor of Art and Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, addressing the crisis of contemporary art curriculum, presented on artist and leading art educator, Olivia Gude’s, Spiral Workshop Website, an online resource for art teachers to share innovative approaches to curriculum developed by research projects out of the University of Illinois in Chicago Art Education Program where she is a professor:


A daily go-to for what’s happening in the art world at large, a great channeled stream of articles for multiple arts disciplines:


The Google Art Project, explore museums from around the world.  The digital resolution of images is INCREDIBLE. This, arguably, revolutionizes thew way we “see” works of art:


The iMovie app link.  Movie making, editing, and global publishing in the palm of your hand:


The University of South Carolina Arts Education Pinterest page. Musings of our department; a way to share, appropriate, brainstorm, curate, dialog, and discover:


Because even in the world of Web2.0, color speaks for itself:

Cortney Piper is currently completing her Masters in Art Education and Arts Teaching Certification at the University of South Carolina, where her research focus on the integration of digital media within art curriculum to empower students’ participation in and creation of popular visual culture.  She teaches art to a wide range of students in both school and community settings, including a hands-on media literacy class for undergraduate students, film and animation workshops for the Girls Juvenile Arbitration program, afterschool art classes for at-risk 4th grade girls, and summer art camps for four to seven year olds.  Piper advocates strongly the need of arts education to embrace new media in a dance between student relevancy, process focus, artist intentionality, and social participation.

Links We Like

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