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Links We Like

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Have a fun Friday with a few fabulous links from Frame:


Our past MFA Monday contributor, Angela Falcone, has a new website!


You might like her FIRST short film!


Corgis corgis corgis on a beach! This is what happens when 140 corgis have a beach party!


 A GREAT read from Dr. Ann Cooper Albright on politics and poetics.


Ok…so who doesn’t want to see cats that look like male models?


A modern twist on feminist performance art from the 1960’s that is sure to incite debate.  

Happy Happy Weekend!



Company Update


Hello Framers!

We had a ROCKIN Soiree.  FRAME1Thanks for coming out and having fun with us!





We had a rockin review.

“Hance frames her dancers in each shot with a keen eye for proportion, letting the shot’s visual organization register before a movement sequence begins. Each scene feels composed with attention to its larger container of the building, city and sky….Quiver may be the least whimsical and most otherworldly of Hance’s films, and feels like a move toward a serious discussion of the mover in an urban landscape.”  A+C Magazine Houston

Framer Ashley Horn got some rockin recognition on those GORGEOUS blue skirts you all have been raving about.

“Shot in and around the Pennzoil Place building, Quiver follows a tribe of movers, clad in Ashley Horn’s minimalist cobalt blue felt skirts. The flesh tones of their skin, combined with the fuzzy felt of their skirts, makes a strong juxtaposition to the surrounding gray steel architecture. Throughout, there’s attention to the sharp contrast between body and building. The curved outlines of Hance’s choreography are viewed through the linear grid of the building. Even the way the felt skirts hold their rounded contours adds to the play of textures, creating a middle ground between skin and steel.”

Composer Mark Hirsch got a rockin shout out about his music.

“The visual rhythm of turbulence and calm becomes the underlying current in Quiver. Eerie electronic music by Mark Hirsch amplifies the unsettling elements, punctuating the piece with shifts in sonic structure to galvanize our attention. The duality is further explored in alternating between interior and outside shots.”

We’re super proud of the film, and we have plans to screen it again.  Stay tuned, dear Framer.


Eat Well Wednesday



Processed food can mean a lot of different things.  Think of a bag of frozen broccoli, while it is not fresh, it is still loaded with vitamins and nutrients that will do the body good.  Ranch Doritos, well not so much.


I like to break down processed foods into two categories:

Foods that are good for you, nutrient dense, but packaged for convenience.  You can create these food items in your own kitchen, but some days you just don’t have the time.
  • Peanut Butter, Hummus, Beans, Frozen Fruit, Canned Tomatoes, Whole Grain Bread etc.
Foods that would be impossible to create at home, because their ingredients are made it a lab somewhere and then injected into your food.
  • Fruity Pebbles, Pop Tarts, M & M’s, Frozen breakfast sandwiches, Chips.
Just check out the ingredient list for this box of packaged granola bars.  I can’t even tell you what half of this stuff is, but what I do know is that our bodies were not meant to process it.
So why should we avoid the later, Processed Foods with hard to pronounce ingredients?
1. Calories
Processed foods tends to have way more calories that natural, whole foods. Take a serving of chips for example.  11 Ranch Dorito Chips has about  140 Calories and 2 Grams of Protein. Most people have about 2-3 servings of chips with a meal, so that would add up to 450 calories in chips alone!!
Instead of the calorie bomb chips you can have a much healthier alternative.  Carrot sticks with homemade ranch dressing.  Check out this super easy recipe here
2. Addictive
Food companies want you to keep buying their products so that they continue to make their money.  Therefore the chemicals added into your food have been found to contain addictive properties.  Yes, food companies are getting you addicted to fat, sugar and chemicals.  Yuck! So the reason that you keep reaching in that bag for more chips might not be all your will power, companies have snuck in ways to get you addictive to their food.
However, the same things goes for when you eat healthy, whole foods too.  Your body will start to crave the nutrients and freshness from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and organic meats.  Once your body has food that it knows what to do with it, it will THRIVE!
3. Cheap
Yes, processed foods are cheap and that is why a lot of people say that they purchase them and that fresh fruit, veggies and organic food is too expensive.  The reason they are cheap is because they are filled with fillers, additives, and cheap, low quality ingredients.  Do you really want you and your family to be eating chemicals made in a lab?  Investing in a few extra pennies for high quality foods is well worth it.  It will keep you out of the doctor’s office and healthy for life.
4. GMO’S
There is lots of buzz out there about GMO’S.  Genetically Modified Organisms. Unless you are buying LABELED NON-GMO or Organic foods you are consuming GMO’S.  Soy and corn products that are made in a plant somewhere and then are used as fillers to your processed, boxed food.
5.  Food dyes, Preservatives, and Allergies
Everyone I talk to and work with has at least one health issue that they are struggling with.  Whether it be allergies, hyper-activity in their children, inability to concentrate, digestive issues, headaches etc.  It is to my belief that these issues are caused by the poor quality of foods that we eat.  The ingredients in processed, packaged foods are NOT SAFE.  Red No 40 is know for causing hyperactivity in children and is in almost every breakfast cereal, granola bar and pop tart on the shelf.  No wonder our children are having a difficult time in school when their morning meal is full of hyperactivity causing drugs.
By eliminating processed foods, with ingredients that are hard to mysterious, we can elminate the diseases and issues that are robbing us of our quality of life.
Let me close by stating that NO ONE is perfect.  We will all eat processed foods as some point in our life.  But the objective is to be aware, educated, and make smarter, healthier choices 99% of the time.  By choosing the healthy, unprocessed food our bodies will adapt to the quality of nutrients that it is receiving and will jump for joy!  Eventually making processed foods unappealing and quite honestly they will make you feel crappy, tired, lethargic and sick when you do consume them.
Take this knowledge with you next time you prepare a meal for you and your family or when you fill up your shopping cart at the  grocery store.  Remember, whole foods.  Foods that don’t need an ingredients list, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean, quality meats will help your body thrive and help you live your best life ever.
Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.
0-1Jill Wentworth is leading us Wednesday by Wednesday into making better food choices and being more healthful. Tune in every Wednesday to get some great recipes and advice from someone who really knows health. In an effort to fuel her passion to serve as well has enhance the lives of others through their nutritional choices, she started Eat Well SA(San Antonio). Her vision is to educate you on how to incorporate a healthy array of foods into your life. Eat Well is not a diet, nor does it embrace any one specific dietary agenda. She also offers customized programs that are educational and teach you the tools you need to maintain healthy, well balanced eating for your busy lives.

Links We Like!

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Happy Friday Framers!

Here are my favorite links from this week!

What could be cuter than babies covered in baby bull dogs??? Nothing.



AWESOME opportunity! Apply now to be the first Artist in Residency at Rice University! Here’s the application.


speaking of Rice… COME SEE me dance in the Rice Dance Theatre Spring Show Organic Motion! Rumor has it that Frame Director, Lydia Hance, will be there Saturday night!


I’m still obsessed with these two, featured them a couple of months ago for Links We Like but I have to do it again.  Another fabulous duet featuring Emily Shock and Matt Luck! I should be embarrassed to admit this but I actually stalked Emma’s twitter.


Have a great weekend!

5 days–yikes


Hi Framers,

Lydia here again.  Thought I’d update you on the Soiree and on Quiver.

I am so excited for the Soiree.  Who doesn’t love some socializing, lite bites, and some awesome art?  Well, I do.  The guest list is growing, thank you to all who have bought tickets early.  It calms me a little knowing we will have a great crowd.  Houston is notorious for last-minute ticket purchases– you know who you are.  And the truth is, I do it too!  But as the artist and event planner, I want to thank you early purchasers.  (We love walk-ups too– everybody’s welcome.)  The more the merrier.

The film is…almost…done.  So. Very. Close.  And I’ve been watching it with Mark Hirsch’s music and it’s developed this lovely eerie quality.  Grounded yet suspended.  Ethereal yet fleshy.  Ashley Horn’s costumes are bold and beautiful.  I’m excited to tie it up and show it to you.  I think you’ll like it.  I hope you’ll love it.

Get your tickets here, we want to see you!  And we do have a maximum occupancy of 120, so don’t be left out.

to art,