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Hello Framers!

We had a ROCKIN Soiree.  FRAME1Thanks for coming out and having fun with us!





We had a rockin review.

“Hance frames her dancers in each shot with a keen eye for proportion, letting the shot’s visual organization register before a movement sequence begins. Each scene feels composed with attention to its larger container of the building, city and sky….Quiver may be the least whimsical and most otherworldly of Hance’s films, and feels like a move toward a serious discussion of the mover in an urban landscape.”  A+C Magazine Houston

Framer Ashley Horn got some rockin recognition on those GORGEOUS blue skirts you all have been raving about.

“Shot in and around the Pennzoil Place building, Quiver follows a tribe of movers, clad in Ashley Horn’s minimalist cobalt blue felt skirts. The flesh tones of their skin, combined with the fuzzy felt of their skirts, makes a strong juxtaposition to the surrounding gray steel architecture. Throughout, there’s attention to the sharp contrast between body and building. The curved outlines of Hance’s choreography are viewed through the linear grid of the building. Even the way the felt skirts hold their rounded contours adds to the play of textures, creating a middle ground between skin and steel.”

Composer Mark Hirsch got a rockin shout out about his music.

“The visual rhythm of turbulence and calm becomes the underlying current in Quiver. Eerie electronic music by Mark Hirsch amplifies the unsettling elements, punctuating the piece with shifts in sonic structure to galvanize our attention. The duality is further explored in alternating between interior and outside shots.”

We’re super proud of the film, and we have plans to screen it again.  Stay tuned, dear Framer.



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