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I have the privilege of dancing in Interartist Mark Hirsch‘s master’s thesis at Rice University this spring.  You probably know him as composer of Quiver (April 2013) and collaborator on FM (Diverse Works July 2013).  You know we love the technology stuff here, and I’m super pumped that he is creating a blog to take all of us through his development of the installation.  It’s pretty amazing.

Mark writes:

“..I’ve starting testing some of the technology that will be an integral part of my master’s thesis. The piece (an interactive work for dancer–Lydia Hance of the baller-status Frame Dance Productions–, film, and music) will utilize image tracking of the dancer to control the playback of the film and music. Elements of her movement, such as velocity, position/depth, gesture recognition, etc., will tell the old 8mm projectors how fast to play the film as well as the direction.
The music playback will follow suit–drawing on a vast library of pre-recorded material to tailor the music to the exact moment and motion of the dancer.

Here is a little preliminary test to make sure the motion tracking (Processing) is getting along nicely with the audio side of things (Max/MSP).”

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