Tuesday Tunes: Alex Soares

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DDH_5734Name : Alex Soares

First Frame Piece:














One thing you always do when preparing for a performance:026_PJ1_4834

I always read my notes from rehearsal, run through the piece step-by-step in my head. Right before going on stage, I like to find a moment for silence and concentration. The goal is to clear my mind and drive mental focus to what’s about to happen.

What do you do after a performance?  How do you unwind?

A nice long shower is a must, along with ointments for my poor feet. A nice glass of wine is also relaxing and celebratory.

Your favorite moment in performance:

The improv portions of Context were really interesting. I had a hard time connecting with that piece and choreography, and it really didn’t come together for me until we performed it. The evening started with a good 15-20 minutes of improv, and the energy I received from the audience along with the connection between us dancers was really powerful and interesting, and I think it led to authentic movement that was powered by emotion. It was exciting to be part of that.

 photos from top to bottom: David DeHoyos, Lorie Evans, Sil Azevedo,

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