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We just finished a weekend of performances in Dance Month’s Choreographers X6 program.  What a fun and fulfilling process this has been.  I posted a little teaser of the rehearsal a few weeks back and a lot has happened since.  Charles Halka, composer collaborator (and last year’s winner of our Composition Competition) finished writing the piece, we met the violinist Micah Ringham– whom we love– and the piece fell into a beautiful place right before the performance.  We will post video of the piece on the website sometime soon.  In addition, the piece came to a fullness that I had not anticipated in the beginning stages of dreaming.  At that time I had titled it A Long Line.  I’ve changed it since then, and the composer said it would be okay if I stole used his much more eloquent, memorable and fitting title, To the Brim.  Find out why I changed my mind here.

Yesterday Houston Press’s review came out.  Adam Castaneda writes this:

“Perhaps the most provocative choreography on the program was Lydia Hance’s A Long Line. The piece was performed to an original violin composition by Charles Halka. The music was performed live to captivating effect, as it gave the impression that the score and dance were married in synchronicity. Halka’s music is at times haunting, at time reflective, and Hance’s choreography is filled with such impulses. The trio of Jacqueline Boe, Laura Gutierrez and Ashley Horn moved in releases of the spine and contractions that suggested a personal investigation of self and space that is at times scary, yet, necessary to fulfillment. The dancers’ technical proficiency was also matched by soulful performance and an insightful understanding of musicality.”

view review here.

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