Tickets for Framing Bodies: LOVE ME

Hi All,
Because I’ve been getting so many questions about the event on Oct. 14, 15:

Tickets are now on sale at frame’s boxoffice– If you have a paypal account it’s easy-shmeasy. If not, you can pay with any CC, no problem. Tickets are $10. The event starts at 8pm. At Spacetaker at Winter Street Studios. 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007.  Where is that?  Close to the Target on Taylor/Sawyer is what I usually tell people.

We’ll have drinks and light desserts because I believe art events should be social and bring us closer to our own community. The cast members will be there to talk about their experiences with the film and you’ll see them reacting to the final product for the first time. Two cast members are in Fieldwork with me, so they’ve seen a little bit of the film as a work-in-progress, but the rest is held hostage in my office. I can’t wait for the big reveal. It’s possible that if you harass them enough, they’ll spill some goods, but it might take some a few Benjamins. And I’m not pulling an Apple and leaving it lying around Bar Boheme.

Get those tickets now.


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