The season begins!

This week is Frame’s first week of the season!  We’re off!  We start work in the studio on Points and Coordinates to be performed Sept. 16 at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston.  I thought it might be nice to look back on the past 3 months (the first 3 months!) of Frame Dance Productions.  All pictures for “Crease” were photographed by the magnificent Lorie Garcia

Lydia Hance and Alex Soares filming for Crease
Ashley Horn in rehearsal for Crease
Older than the Mountains, a new evening-lenth performance by Halestone where Lydia Hance performed during her residency in Lexington, VA
Amber Whiddon filming for Crease
CAM–where we’ll be performing Points and Coordinates on Sept. 16


Goshen Pass–Lexington, VA (residency)
Lydia Hance, Nichelle Strzepek, Alex Soares and Ashley Horn filming for Crease
Panther Falls–home of the notorious (and blogged) bathing suit incident (part of Lexington VA, residency)


We found out Crease will be screened at Weekend of Texas Contemporary Dance–Sept. 24-25
Ashley Horn and Nichelle Strzepek filming Crease
Newspaper article about Lydia Hance in residency for the upcoming (now!) season for Frame
The beginning of the process of Points and Coordinates (Sept. 16 at the CAM)
origami photographed by Lorie Garcia for potential Crease promotion
Amber Whiddong filming for Crease
Lydia Hance and Alex Soares filming for Crease–also the image for the new business cards
Amber Whiddon filming for Crease
Alex Soares, Dancer
Ashley Horn, Dancer
Kristen Frankiewicz, Dancer
Nichelle Strzepek, Dancer
Amber Whiddon, Dancer
Lydia Hance, Director

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