Rehearsal #1 agenda

Tomorrow’s rehearsal is the first for the CAM piece, Points and Coordinates. There is a major “unknown” element because of the space we’re using–the audience space being the performance space. So something I need to focus on is not cementing the piece. There will be choreographed phrases, manipulations of those phrases, segments of choreographed locomotion, and transitions, but I need to find the places in the piece that can be manipulated and established during the performance–the variables, as I have previously written. I’m all about rehearsing improv, and making that a regular part of company rehearsals. Each time we ‘run’ the piece, it will be a new manifestation of the choreography/score on a new axis…does that make sense? So the performance will be a new manifestation on the axis of the CAM, the axis being the arrangement of the gallery, the moving arrangement of the people in the space, and each other as we’re reacting and responding to the first two variables.

Friday is the opening of the exhibit: Dance with Camera, and earlier that day I am meeting with some people at the CAM to discuss the possibilities of projectors, projection space and what will most likely be our “danceable space.”

So for tomorrow, these are my goals:
1. the new Frame’s official mini warm-up
2. imrov time really move the body and find awareness of each other
3. learn big phrase
4. learn mini phrase-let
5. begin to create new weight-shift section

Must not forget the camera…must not forget the camera…


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