So You Think You Can Dance

Welcome back to our So You Think You Can Dance recap!  The Top 18 faced off to keep their spot on the show.

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 Eliminations

The top 18 took the stage as black and white chess pieces in a very futuristic dance choreographed by Academy of Villains dance crew members Christopher “Pharside” Jennings and Krystal “Phoenix” Meraz.  We then learned which six dancers are in danger of elimination: Bridget Whitman, Emily James, Jourdan Epstein, Emilio Dosal, Teddy Coffey, and finally Stanley Glover. 

The first couple up was Jacque and Zack with a jazz routine. The two dancers seemed uncomfortable at the start of the dance, but their energy really built up throughout the the performance. Jourdan and Marquette took the stage with their contemporary piece about a couple that was trying to disappear. Choreographer Dee Caspary remarked that connection was important in the dance, even though that’s exactly what seemed to be lacking from the dancers. Finally the energy level was up again with Jessica and Stanley and their wild jazz routine. Their magic carpet ride inspired dance truly sent them flying through the air gracefully. Next up was Bridget and Emilio with a lively jive! This jive was seamless and impressive as it was accompanied by the popular song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Teddy and Emily took the stage with a passionate contemporary routine. Teddy, even with only a hip hop background. Hitting the stage next, was Brooklyn and Casey with their high school prom inspired jazz routine. It was cute and full of energy! The standard for grace and elegance was set with Valerie and Ricky’s waltz. The choreography for this dance was set by season 3 winner Lacy Schwimmer. Carly and Serge’s hip hop routine was full of suspense and drama with their sharp movements and skeleton costumes. Finally finishing up the couple’s dances was Tanisha and Rudy with an impressive  Broadway routine that incorporated canes that were twirled and spun by the dancers.

A Great Big World performed their hit song “Say Something” and after the performance we said goodbye to dancers Stanley and Jourdan.

* by Frame Dance Social Media Intern, Rachel Kaminski