So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Eliminations

Hey, Framers! After America watched the top 20 So You Think You Can Dance contestants perform last week, every fan has waited to see the fates of the dancers in this new episode.

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Eliminations


This new episode began as the top 20 took the stage with a broadway style dance choreographed by Emmy Winner, Josh Bergasse.



Last night SYTYCD was joined by guest judge Misty Copeland, a Soloist in the American Ballet Theater.

Cat announced the six dancers who were in danger of elimination: Brooklyn Fullmer, Casey Askew, Jourdan Epstein, Nick Garcia, Malene Ostergaard, and Serge Onik. They must dance for their “life.”

Last week, the contestants danced routines of their own styles, this week they were forced to switch it up! Every dancer received a new partner, and given choreography that was not what they are used to.

Our first new couple is Tanisha and Rudy, dancing a dramatic contemporary piece. My favorite choreographer, Sonya Tayeh, is back and she choreographed a cat and mouse chase with angst and aggression. Tanisha and Rudy’s talent was an excellent way to kick off the couple routines. Next up was Ricky and Valerie with an emotional dance, that seemed to be lacking emotion. The judges also agreed that the dancers needed to put more emotion in the dance.

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As we took a break from the couple dancing, we got to see a clip of a few So You Think You Can Dance dancers at home! This season, SYTYCD is teaming up with the video sharing app called ‘Vyclone’, to allow fans their time in the spotlight alongside their favorite contestants! Get more info here Join the Dance Party!

When we came back to the couples, we got to watch Houstonian Emilio and Bridget perform a fun and fierce hip hop routine. Nigel remarked that Emilio looked like a dancing hobbit. Next up, we’re joined by an old friend: season 2 champion Benji Schwimmer, choreographed a west coast swing for Jessica and Nick. Mary and Misty were impressed by the performance, Nigel commented that it, “didn’t feel real.” (Say that aloud with the British accent.  Just do it.)

Sonya Tayeh’s choreography was up again as it challenged dancers Carly and Serge with a story of unbreakable love, with a very fitting song, Latch by singer Sam Smith. Misty Copeland was literally wowed and Mary was brought to tears by the emotional performance. Transitioning from emotional to cute, Emily and Teddy were next with their hip hop routine. The choreography by Dave Smith was enjoyed by all three of the judges.

A dance not so loved by the judges, was Malene and Stanley’s. Their unique Broadway styled dance used phones as props, and Nigel remarked that both dancers “got the wrong number.” Jourdan and Marcquet were also given a difficult time by the judges, Misty said that Marcquet needed be less serious and change it up.

An Argentine tango sure seemed to lighten the mood, though! Brooklyn and Casey’s hard work in their tango was awarded by all the judges. One of my favorite’s of the night was an African dance choreographed by Sean Cheesman and performed by Zack and Jacque.


Next, the SYNCOPATED LADIES, who are part of the Dance Crew contest, took the stage to Beyoncé.

Finally, we found out which two dancers would be leaving the show. We had to say goodbye to ballroom dancer Malene and Nick.

*by social media intern, Rachel Kaminski