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Good morning, Framers! The competition on SYTYCD is heating up with the top 20 dancers, and America is so very excited about it.  Tell us what you thought about last night’s episode by commenting below. 

So You Think You Can Dance: 200th Episode!


Anticipation for this episode just kept building within the SYTYCD fans (including me!) Not only was it the show’s 200th episode, but it was also the first live episode of the 11th season, and with guest judge Jason Derulo.

The 200th live episode kicked off with the top 20 group dance choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Sonya is one of my personal favorite choreographers who is frequently featured on So You Think You Can Dance, and I absolutely loved the dance! It was dramatic, dark.

The talented 20 dancers were then  split into couples and the competition began! Before we watched each couple dance, we got to learn as many fun facts about each dancer that they could cram into eight seconds. First up was dancers Brooklyn and Serge with their energetic cha-cha choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin.  In the couple’s eight seconds, we learned that Brooklyn loves popcorn and Serge loves cheese.  Judge Mary loved their dance and Serge received compliments from Nigel on all his hard work.

Next up were Emily and Casey with their beautiful contemporary piece by choreographer Travis Wall. Their dance was about a stormy relationship, and with Emily and Casey’s graceful moves, even Jason Derulo was impressed.  Some fun facts about these two include that Emily enjoys spearfishing and Casey hates the rain, but loves Disney.

Anthony Morigerato choreographed a tap dance for Valerie and Zac that incorporated the use of stairs to make this dance fun.  We also discovered that Valerie loves pigs and Zack loves cereal.  (Is this stuff real?)

The second contemporary dance of the night was performed by Bridget and Stanley, and choreographed by Bonnie Story.  Bridget adores peacocks and Stanley wants to become a model someday (okaaay.)  Their dance was emotional and “authentic”, as complimented by Mary. Dancers Jourdan and Jacque hit the stage for their ballet routine choreographed by Marat Daukayev. The costumes were gorgeous, and their performance looked equally beautiful. Jacque loves ice cream and Jourdan has a pre-med degree (props). This couple was the last to dance before guest judge Jason Derulo took the stage.

Jason hit the stage performing his new single ‘Wiggle’, with rapper Snoop Dogg– super fun and energetic.  After his fun song and dance, we hear an announcement about National Dance Day on July 26th. SYTYCD even put together two routines for fans to do on the 26th! One for the more advanced dancer, and one for the beginners!

(Don’t you LOVE the way Adam Shankman is looking at Nigel? So thrilled to be there.  But we sure do like that there’s a seated version.) 

After a look into National Dance Day, the last five couples hit the stage for the night.

Malene and Marquette are up next with a saucy samba choreographed by Luis Van Amstel. In their eight seconds we find out that Marquette is named after a university and Malene loves chocolate.

Next up, Carly and Rudy as they performed  a fantastic contemporary work, by Stacey Tookey. Rudy showed his more serious side as the two performed the emotional piece. One of my favorite dances of the night was a hip hop routine by Christopher Scott, performed by Amelio and Teddy. Amelio gave a special shout out to his hometown Houston, TX! The hip hop duo was perfectly synced and all the judges were impressed, especially Jason.  My absolute favorite dance was, of course, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.   The dance tells the story of two people intertwined and connected, with synchronized choreography. Jessica and Ricky performed the dance perfectly and relieved a standing ovation. Nigel even mentioned that if the two remained a couple for the rest of the season they would have “walked away with the entire season.” (I think they call those fighting words?)  In the eight seconds we find out that Jessica believes mermaids are real (sigh.)

Last to dance was Tanisha and Nick with their cha-cha by Luis Van Amstel. The dance was cute, but lacking in depth. All of the judges enjoyed the performance despite the lack of connection.

Next week, the bottom three guys and girls will be eliminated from the competition. Make sure you go vote for your favorite dancers to save them from elimination! Vote for your favorite dancers here!


–by Rachel Kaminski, social media intern, Frame Dance


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