quick update

It’s been a couple of days so here’s the haps:

Wednesday we shot the film component for the CAM piece.  We got very, very graphite-y.  Kristen said she had to take 5 showers to get the majority of it off, and at rehearsal on Saturday, she still had traces on her feet…

Thursday was the Clear Skies Party and the postcards came in.  They’re beau-t-ious.  Send me a comment here or on the website (framedance.org) and I can mail you one

Sunday was Theater District Day.  Lots of postcards handed out.  Welcome, new Frame Fans! I also watched the footage from the shoot on Wednesday.  It’s so great that I’m totally rethinking the piece.  Sometimes you have to follow the white rabbit….  Now sleep so I can continue falling down that hole tomorrow ;0


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