Productivity, I breathe you in

I’ve been making movement phrases lately: stringing them together, chopping them up, trying to set them specifically to music, and then ignoring and layering on top of music.  Basically playing around.  I wrote an earlier entry about how I work to create these.  To summarize, I don’t dance fully when creating.  But I have continued to think about why I do this (or don’t do this).  And I think it has to do with me not wanting to commit to a certain energy or emphasis while still in the beginning of the process.  It’s like stream of conscious writing, not stopping to commit to writing on a certain subject.  Actually, I don’t think that’s a very good analogy.  Stream of conscious writing is most similar to improvisation, which is not what I’m doing here. I’m creating the words of a sentence and after I see them written down, spelled correctly, and thought through, I can begin to add things like tempo, dynamics, facings, pathways…  Of course, some movements lend themselves to very specific dynamics and then I can choose to go with that or work against it.  It’s all a matter of choices, really.  Once the material is out there, then the fun begins.  But for now I have some more refining to do.


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