Phenominal collaborator spotlight!

I haven’t written about this yet, I’ve been wanting to, and this is the time. One of the facets of Frame that I am extremely committed to is collaborating with artists who are not dance-artists in some way for every project.  Past collaborators include Diana Weeks and Lorie Garcia.  I am always so renewed after talking with artists outside of the dance genre.  I crave their influence.  For Points and Coordinates, the artist collaborator is Donna Perkins. She says, “I steal lines and choreograph them into abstractions.” She came into our last rehearsal with canvases in hand and drew the lines she saw as we danced. She will follow us through our process, chronicling the progression of Points and Coordinates from the first rehearsal through the Contemporary Arts Museum premiere. I am so honored and delighted to work with her. Her work is complex, real, and freshly stunning. I am planning to showcase more of her work in posts to come.  In the meantime, check out her website.

Here are three of  her pieces that I have fallen in love with–although there are many:

Petaled Past by Donna E. Perkins
Space--Frolic by Donna E. Perkins
Life Lines- Embrace by Donna E. Perkins

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