Gibberish now, art later

This will probably make no sense to you, dear reader. It barely makes sense to me, and I wrote it. But for interest’s sake, here’s part 2 of the score in its next development for Points and Coordinates:

phrase 1. location: 4
occurrence 3 w/ phrase 2. location: 3. Dancer 3 initiates
occurrence 2 w/ phrase 2. location: 3. Dancer 2 initiates
gesture phrase clump. location: 2
occurrence 3 w/ phrase 1. location: 5. Dancer 3 initiates
lifts/weight shifts. location: 4
phrase 2. location: 6
body circle clumping. location: 2
occurrence 1 w/ phrase 2. location: 5. Dancer 1 initiates
occurrence 2 w/phrase 1. location: 2. Dancer 2 initiates
occurrence 1 w/ phrase 1. location: x. Dancer 1 initiates

Two things: 1. I need to load up on the fish for brain power, 2. I definitely know how to spell “occurrence.”



  1. Vipul says:

    I think I know what this means. I was sneaking around and saw some of Jennifer’s notes a few months ago. She was trying to teach me, the non dancer artists basic contemporary dance fundamentals. I was like, “Huh?” at first, but I slowly caught on because there’s this deeper, almost universal artist understanding that we shared. She spoke about different planes in which your body can move and how when you put a “bunch of stuff” together, in order to remember them, you call them “body circle clumping” or “kristinalexia” or something.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, exactly. Putting seemingly random words together to create a phrase that somehow describes the action. Funny and effective to us, bizarre to others.

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