Phase 1 has begun!

Graphite, lines, body parts, smudge, time, sequencing, layering,
orchestration, weight, initiation, energy end points, coordinates, point of
view, ground, floor, floor becomes vertical, rolling, shift of axis.

These are words that lend clues to what will be involved in this CAMH piece–yet to be named.  But we are working on that.  So on a smaller scale, I have started to pay with graphite and paper and attaching it to different body parts.  So far the most effective are the wrists and the feet.

This is the graphite, loose and solid.
Loose graphite on the plate.
My blank canvas
This was the most efficient and effective place to put the graphite. A bit make-shift, but we’re in the beginning of the process…
I had to stop because my cat was determined to be ON the canvas. Essentially, I was attaching the solid pieces of graphite to parts of my body (write, hand, ankles, toes) and moving on the canvas. The graphite lines are a result of my movement.
If you read yesterday’s post, you can see where the trouble started. An artist can’t create under these circumstances!
Loose graphite time
You can see the plate on there. But I love what the graphite on the feet creates. This is a picture of the feet with the loose graphite and the body parts moving the solid graphite around the canvas.

So…what do you do with graphite all over your feet, hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, ankles…

On my way to the sink
After much scrubbing, THIS was the best I could do.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Graphite is not easy to wash off

2. Cats shouldn’t be roaming free during experiments involving hazardous (if ingested) chemicals.

3. Another lucky dancer, other than myself, will be doing the loose graphite on the foot section of the piece 😉

4. There is no flattering way to photograph your own feet.


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