Making a promo

So I have hundreds of hours of footage just in the past year’s worth of dance filming.  And now I’m paring it down to 3 minutes.  Difficult.  And I keep wondering if 3 minutes is too long for a promo video.  Weekend of Contemporary Dance will be posting pages for the companies that will be presenting and have asked for a promo, no longer than 3 minutes.  I have it down to 3 minutes and I need to keep stepping away and coming back to trim, trim, trim, and cut, cut, cut.  It’s hard because I feel so connected to each clip, and love them all (now that it’s down to the beloved 3 minutes worth), so I need to separate myself every so often and come back with a fresher perspective.  I wish I could whip it out faster, but I think I need to take some more time on it.


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