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Links blueHappy Friday Framers!

Links we Like, because we all need a little fun on Friday.

1. Ghetto Genius: 33 ’90s Trends that in Retrospect Maybe Weren’t Such a Good Idea.  (Can you say baja hoodies, butterfly clips and inappropriate usage of tennis visors?  Oh and of course the one-strap overall look?)

2. Can I get an underscore, like, love, bold, italics and exclamation?  Read this article on how to bring children into arts experiences.

“A music education student said something to the effect of “but the kids need to be taught to sit down and be quiet when they go to a performance.” I responded (as I often do) with a question: “Why?”  “To listen to the music,”  Then another question from me – “When a six-year-old hears music what do they want to do?” “Dance” came the answer from another student. For many children, their first experience in a theatre or concert hall is being told to sit still and be quiet.  They learn that their natural behavior is bad, joyful response is bad, and view their arts experience as just another authoritarian space – like school.  They are barred from entering the audience by their own playful natures. But in that moment, the music student’s assumptions about what it meant to be a good audience member began to shift.”

3. Gotta love a reviewer who swears in her reviews.  Read this brilliant review of Patricia Noworol Dance Theater by the one and only Deborah Jowitt.

Links We Like

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