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This week’s Links We Like is brought to you by guest curator Melissa Brading, a stunningly beautiful, powerfully fluid dancer freelancing in New York.  Check these out!

I was trying to think of who my inspiration was as a young dancer.  If I had to tell the truth, it was Fly Girls.


I get emails and messages daily of artists asking for money to do their art. It’s hard out there and the art community is making it happen. This is an article from The New York Times about the trend of financial crowd-sourcing on the internet and how it is making art possible for the artist and accessible for the community.


I spend an enormous amount of time looking at animal videos at work when I should be working. I especially love animals which appear to be doing human-like things- especially dancing. I didn’t realize dolphins were so evil…  


This is a delightful little video about the daily life of a freelance film maker.


This is a beautiful song by my favorite modern pianist, Ludovico Einaudi– enjoy.


Is your man embarrassing you on the dance floor? This could be why:


I had the privilege to see the show Traces a couple months ago. The scene with the wheel was my favorite and I found it mesmerizing and for some reason very touching. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the wheel.


This is a great little interview about Jonah Lehrer’s book about creativity. He discusses some interesting things such as creativity in young people and the link between depression and creativity. It’s a long one, but definitely worth a listen.


I currently work at The Joyce Theater and we are gearing up for our big gala.  This year we have a special guest: Sylvie Guillem. She is in her 40’s and her feet are unbelievable. I am pretty pumped about the performance and wanted to share a clip.


About Melissa:
Melissa Brading is a dancer from Topeka, Kansas living in New York. She received her undergraduate in dance education at the University of Central Oklahoma, then relocated to Houston to dance with Ad Deum Dance Company.  Melissa is currently a freelance dancer and has worked with such artists as Nejla Yatkin, Chris Ferris, Hope Boykin, Sarah Council, Amanda Selwyn and Megan Harrold in New York. Melissa has also had the privilege of working with such organizations as Jacob’s Pillow, Ailey, Dance Theater Workshop (now New York Live Arts) and The Joyce Theater. She is also a founding member of The Woods Cooperative- a studio space designed to give artists affordable space to make work. Melissa has a passion to see the end of child sex slavery and acts as a member on the New York Love146 Task Force. She practices yoga, tries to learn German and has a cat named Deborah.
Links We Like

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