It’s official

This is how I know a deadline is quickly approaching:

1. People are buying tickets.

2. I have a nightmare about the piece.  Last night I had a nightmare about it.  In it, I get lost outside of Spacetaker (the event venue) while all of the viewers are trapped inside watching the film.  When I finally make my way back to the entrance, they are exiting Spacetaker and each give me one of the phrases I say to people whose work I not particularly a fan of.  You know those things you say when you want to say something encouraging or positive, but can’t quite bring yourself to fully lie?  It was that, 100x.


So….yup.  It’s the final stretch.  And now that I’m awake and watching what I’ve made, I don’t think the nightmare will be a reality, but I’ll keep having those nightmares until Oct. 14.  It’s just part of my process, I guess.

Oh yeah, and there is limited seating, so please do get your tickets early.  If you’ve been with us all along as we’ve blogged this journey, you deserve to see the final product!


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