First Photobooth Today!

It has arrived, the very first Photobooth installation.  We begin at 8pm at The Photobooth on Montrose tonight.  We have four of these planned for this winter/spring, each brings us closer to our final performance.  But the fun thing is that each one will be a new piece.  New music, new scores, more fully developed choreography.  I’ve been calling it a study on process or progress.  I’ve started with the exoskeleton of the piece, and right now there are a lot of variables within that skeleton.  Lots of nooks and crannies for the dancers to play in.  And what happens at the Photobooth informs what choices we make for the next one.  And so on; and so forth.  Dancers are performance-oriented creatures, and I’ve found with my superb dancers, that sometimes it takes a performance environment to really get out honestly how our bodies react to material/choreography/directives.  There’s a pressure of performance that peaks our alertness, our silent communication with each other, and our honestly and intent.  This is certainly not true with all dancers.  This is what makes the Framers unique.  These dancers are such strong performers, artists, and are “bold reactionists” in the work I create.  Its our way of collaborating in the process.  I choose dancers based on their individual voice as well as their ability to give to fellow dancers in a performance.  I like to create a world on the stage, and I need for it to be alive.  Just ask them if they’ve ever performed the same piece the same way.  Boring.  To me.


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