Dinner/Dance 19 Character Cheat Sheet

You’ll need this tonight.  Read up!

Dinner / Dance 19


The scenario: Search optimization and marketing company, Search Optimizer, is currently low on exciting on clientele. Eager to get creative in their work, they have identified tonight’s hotspot restaurant as a fun and exciting gig, and they all want to land the deal.  They show up with you tonight, not only to dine, but to take care of a little after-hours business.


Deuce Ticklebeetle (Alex Soares) was brought in to learn his father’s business, Search Optimizer, so he could run it one day, but lack of interest and disastrous performance have kept him at the same position for the last 12 years.  He is the secretly adopted only son of Tramell Ticklebeetle, who lost his once sizeable fortune on bad investments.  Beetle is not exactly motivated, and he’d rather do anything than work.  Gretchen says he plays on his phone, takes naps, and that she once caught him drinking toner. (The new, new beezin’?)  He barely managed to graduate from high school with the help of his tutors.  He has a specific vendetta against Gretchen, but you’ll have to ask him about that yourself.

Shelley Kelly (Laura Gutierrez) has been with Search Optimizer for 5 years, that is she’s been hovering next to the Ozarka water cooler for five years trying to fit into conversations.  The oldest daughter in her Arkansas family, she attended Vanderbilt.  Rumor has it she’s quite smart.  But something is off.  She is the epitome of awkward, and she cannot seem to get into the work social circle no matter how much she tries.  She just wants to be accepted.  The others call her “Smelly Shelley,” for some pretty obvious reasons.  Have we mentioned she’s weird?

Roxi Wright (Danielle Gonzaba) is a summer intern with Search Optimizer.  She is the youngest daughter of 4; her parents are successful business people.  She is currently in college studying business.  While she’d rather do nothing over her summer break except be with her friends in Austin, she’s working to make friends with all the employees because she feels pressure to be hired by Search Optimizer when she graduates. So she’s putting on her game face. What drives her?  Love and acceptance, and as the youngest of four, she’s used to being the center of attention without having to work for it.  Also: she’s in a sorority.

Gretchen Charise Kittridge (Ashley Horn) started at Search Optimizer out of college.  She accepted lower pay than she wanted because she was promised that she would move up quickly in the company, she was one of the first employees of the start-up, but has only had one promotion in 11 years.  Comes early, stays late.  Gretchen is only child of overachievers– always planned on going back to law school, but can’t seem to find time.  She’s not particularly liked at work, she’s a little bitter and hated by one of her colleagues.  All she wants is fairness and the success she deserves.  That’s not too much to ask, right?  Where would you find her when she’s not at work?  Reading a book with a glass of wine.  Maybe adopting another cat.

Gwenevieve Hues (Jacquelyne Jay Boe) is a recent divorcee and mother of two young children.  Only on the job at Search Optimizer one month (but out of the job market for seven years), she is just now beginning to settle in and become comfortable with her colleagues.  Determined to make a living without her ex, she is invigorated with this new chance to reinvent herself.  But is she looking for more?

Alyssa Roberts (Shanon Adams) is a very recent transfer from California.  We don’t know very much about her yet, except that she doesn’t seem very nice…


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