Dinner / Dance 19: Meet Shelley Kelly

Hi Framers,

This next performance, Dinner / Dance 19 is taking a turn from our usual abstraction.  Because the event is a multi-course dinner, and we are navigating subject matter from planting to eating, I realized a huge part of dining is the drama and dialogue we have on a daily basis while eating a meal.  We’ve been working with some funny, and hopefully identifiable characters in rehearsal.  And now it’s time to begin introducing you to them.


Allow us to introduce:

Shelley Kelly

(aka Laura Gutierrez)


Shelley Kelly has been with Search Optimizer for 5 years, that is she’s been hovering next to the Ozarka water cooler for five years trying to fit into conversations.  The oldest daughter in her Arkansas family, she attended Vanderbilt.  Rumor has it she’s quite smart.  But something is off.  She is the epitome of awkward, and she cannot seem to get into the work social circle no matter how much she (awkwardly) tries.  She just wants to be accepted.

Also: the others call her “Smelly Shelley,” for some pretty obvious reasons.  Have we mentioned she’s weird?

Come meet the cast of characters at Tony’s Mexican tonight at 7:30.  2222 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77008


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