Dinner / Dance 19: Meet Beetle

Hi Framers,

This next performance, Dinner / Dance 19 is taking a turn from our usual abstraction.  Because the event is a multi-course dinner, and we are navigating subject matter from planting to eating, I realized a huge part of dining is the drama and dialogue we have on a daily basis while eating a meal.  We’ve been working with some funny, and hopefully identifiable characters in rehearsal.  And now it’s time to begin introducing you to them.


Allow us to introduce:

 Deuce Ticklebeetle

(aka Alex Soares)


Beetle was brought in to learn my father’s business, Search Optimizer, so he could run it one day, but lack of interest and disastrous performance have kept him at the same position for the last 12 years.  He is the secretly adopted only son of Tramell Ticklebeetle, who lost his once sizeable fortune on bad investments.  Beetle is not exactly motivated, and he’d rather do anything than work.  Gretchen says he plays on his phone, takes naps and that she once caught him drinking toner. (The new, new beezin’?)  He barely managed to graduate from high school with the help of his tutors.

So why does he work at a job that isn’t interesting to him?  Family obligation. He is there so he’s not disowned.

He has a specific vendetta against Gretchen, but you’ll have to ask him about that yourself.



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