Boot dance, hand dance, pull, lean, lift

A gesture phrase in 7, a boot dance, a hand dance, pull, lean, lift.  Cheek to cheek, confined becomes ecstatic and some solo time. I took mental note today during rehearsal about how I communicate or rather, don’t communicate, what I’m thinking.  I spend so much time in preparation for film rehearsal and I have to see big  picture before working out details that I spend a lot of time thinking and imagining without communicating.  So the first time I ever put my directions into words–other than some conceptual journaling– is when I’m communicating directives to the dancers.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I need to rehearse the rehearsal.

They did great.  Really great.  Can’t wait to shoot and edit.  I think I was just noticing something about myself: I don’t imagine in words.  I imagine in pictures and moods and colors.  So it makes sense that I am a filmmaker and not a writer, I suppose.   Back to today.  Today we rehearsed for the upcoming film….drum roll please…Satin Stitch.  I did it, I named it.  And I’m happy with it.  Since artists are inevitably asked to describe their work as well as explain their titles, I’ll just wait until forced–eh–asked to explain it.  Maybe I will…and maybe I won’t… Nah, I’d like to have something substantial to serve as the descriptive undercurrent of the piece and the title. You’ll get the thoughts along the way, I promise.  But for the nutshell, two sentence synopsis, it’ll be March 12.  Have I mentioned Satin Stitch is premiering March 12? 😉


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