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Small and mid-sized modern dance companies are always fighting opposing mistresses named Administration and Art. I often see companies deflate and fade due to a lack of administration and weakness on the business side. And when that doesn’t happen, too much time with Administration and not enough time with Art leads to a deteriorated relationship with the sensitive and emotional Art. And then we have dull work.

So what does a small dance company do to avoid this problem? One that cannot yet hire an Executive Director or one that doesn’t have an office staff. Is it really just a business-sense battle of the Artistic Directors?

I very much enjoyed this article written by Lizzie Leopold and posted by 4dancers about this very topic.

What do you all think are the keys to success for a young and growing dance company?


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  1. 4dancers says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I think that this is a huge issue…I wish more people talked about it. I personally don’t have much experience in this arena, but I know it is something that many people struggle with.

    I hope we hear some more voices ring in on this subject!
    And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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