We did it!

We filmed Satin Stitch.  It’s there.  Now I have to find it amongst all of the footage, but the important thing is that is it there.  And it’s beautiful.  Can’t wait for you to see it.  And I can’t wait to see it either, at this point.  These dancers are fierce, flexible, and dedicated to art.  It was cold.  It was VERY cold.  Some of us got to the film location the night before filming, and one dancer as well as the photographer made the trip early in the morning.  I’m talking 4 am.  I had to capture the sunrise.  We then took a quick trip to the grocery store to get some snacks/breakfast.  We drove on to the ferry to our second film location and began shooting there.  We didn’t get lost, per se.  More like confused by the two Honeysuckle streets.  A Lane and a Drive, I believe.  I guess my pre-shoot notes weren’t quite specific enough, but being the resourceful and visual people that we are, we got there.  We shot in the second location for about an hour.  And then I fell.  Twisted my ankle and came crashing down on my left knee and right palm.  It was caught on tape.  Thoughts came flooding through my mind:  did I break my ankle, can I even move, pain, and should I remove myself from this film?  After a minute and some help up, things were okay, other than my knee hurting every time I stepped onto it.  Better than a broken or sprained ankle.  Dancing in boots: unstable.  I can’t remember the last time that I have fallen…I mean, really fallen. We shot about five more minutes there and moved to the third location.  This one was rich…tons of perspective, color, depth, texture.  We spent the majority of our time here.  Boot dance, hand dance, scarf dance, and some other tasty treats you’ll have to wait to see on March 12.  We had lunch at a place called the Tiki Lounge.  Let’s just say that there weren’t a lot of options available to us.  It was neither tiki nor lounge.  After what seemed like a three hour lunch–the service was extremely, um, lengthy, we (and our food comas) braved the cold again.  This time with fewer layers.  I thought the warmest time of the day would be right after lunch, but I think I was wrong.  It was definitely windier.  But the brave Frame Dance Productions dancers flung themselves tirelessly into the dance.  Several more hours, a ferry ride and a cemetery (???), and we were done.  We went back to the hotel to take a quick look at the footage to make sure everything was “there.”  It was, and I dismissed the dancers early.  I couldn’t have them dancing in the cold for another moment.  Now to edit…


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