the in-between stuff

I have been thinking about the questions I’ve posed to you.  I still encourage any comments you have–and there’s no “deepness” quota, anything goes.  What do you hide from others?

I’ve been thinking about the “in-between stuff.” I often measure myself by landmarks, or experiences, or accomplishments.  That’s what I present for people to see.  A resume, a list.  And that’s not wrong, or ill-representative of who I am, but it is just selective.  It’s easier to discuss events than emotions.  It’s hard to explain hibernation when people understand hunting and gathering.  But what happens in between those events are who we really are.  Transitions, denouements, anticipations.

Today when I went walking, I was vigorously pulled into the architecture in this town.  And when I looked closer, it was actually the materials that intrigued me today.  Brick and stone.  A lot of brick and stone.  And because of the history of Lexington, I saw generations upon generations of stone.  I saw deterioration, grass and plants finding their ways through cracks and brand new, in-process brick walls being built.  When I look at stone buildings, that’s just what I see–stone.  But what is holding the originally free standing materials together?  Mortar.  It’s the secret of the wall.  Thinking about these two concepts, I almost feel fooled.  I don’t notice the mortar, I notice the brick/stone.  But it’s there: plain, obvious, existent.  Are the things we hide–because they are inherently part of us– just as obvious as the mortar holding together the brick?  Are we fooling ourselves?

What do you hide–even if you don’t realize it?


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