The Day I forgot My Notes

It was yesterday, and we had just finished the half of rehearsal where we work on the trio/slow section of the Reich piece we’re preparing for the Liminal Space show on December 11.  Laura had arrived, and I knew it was time to move into the section that gives me a panic attack/ulcer/wide eyes/jumpy feet/and a desire to run around the room.


Thank you Steve Reich.


You see…I had carefully orchestrated steps, gestures, freezing to VERY specific parts of the music.  I have my own notation language.

reich reherasal 2Pretty obvious what I’m doing, right?  I mean, it’s like you don’t even have to see the piece anymore. (wink.)


And I must say, the dancers were thrilled.  THRILLED. with the demanding nature of the music and the tasks I had given to them.  See below:

reich rehearsal 1You know it’s a Frame Dance piece when the notebooks are out and the brows are furrowed.

So…back to yesterday.  I forgot my notes.  Kind of crucial as I don’t even try to keep all of the individual dancers’ parts in my own brain.  Gotta free that bad boy up for more ideas.  I send out movement and counts and then trust the dancers to remember them from there on.  It’s a tall order.  So…I forgot my notes.  And I KNEW that I couldn’t remember it all.  So what did I do?  I threw it out and started over.  I have to say, the dancers were relieved.  Less counting this time and more instinct.  More listening, I think.  And I like this direction we’re headed much better.

Funny how things work out, eh?  Sometimes you just have to forget your notes.

To Art,



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