Tuesday Tunes: Live Music In Dance Class

Tuesday Tunes
Framers, today we’re looking at a dance class from a different perspective: the perspective of a musician accompanying a dance class. So I interviewed Kirk Suddreath to get a some more details.

Tuesday Tunes: Kirk Suddreath


kirk_framerR: What do you find to be the most challenging part about playing live music for a dance class?   

K: I very much enjoy providing musical accompaniment for dance classes. I enjoy the “in the moment” communication between the teacher, the dancers, and myself. As a percussionist, most of my experience playing music involves collaboration with other musicians, but playing for dance allows me to basically improvise to the meet the immediate needs of the class. The most challenging part would be interpreting the teaching style of each teacher, finding their level of musicality, and identifying how they are most comfortable communicating what they want. 

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