Sometimes the making is difficult

A lot of the process of making LOVE ME was difficult.  Difficult for non-dancers to dance, difficult for us to process difficult parts of our selves, difficult to work in a new group of people/strangers, difficult to be honest with ourselves, difficult to let go of control and let the process happen.  But I know that that is why the end result is so honest and real.  We fought ourselves.  And we won by making something beautiful out of the rough parts of ourselves.  Here’s what Norola Morgan wrote about the second rehearsal:

After the ease of the first rehearsal, this one seemed more difficult somehow.  I didn’t feel as relaxed or at ease.  I didn’t flow.  I felt awkward, edgy, off balance, confused.  The music was extra loud, and I had a hard time hearing Lydia’s directions.  I wondered:  is the music being so loud purposeful, to add an extra element of difficulty to the communication?  Also, the writing prompt “I knew I stopped loving you….” prompted some anxiety.  Seriously?  Who wants to explore something like that?  What if it ends up in the film, and people see, that person sees?  Well, I agreed to be open for this project…so, I dribbed and drabbed some thoughts onto the page in fits and starts.  Ow, hurtful.  Ow.  Sigh.  Well. Ow.  But, true.  Can’t leave this journal laying around the house.
Then, another prompt:  if it wasn’t so scary, I would tell……….and no stopping writing this time! Oh, Lydia noticed the writing fits and starts the first time.  Well, easier to write this time.  Fearlessness is my friend.  So easy to write, harder to say.
Then, 6 gestures from 6 words pared down from 12 words from our writings.  Man, am I slow.  These six will part of the larger whole.  Hmmmm.
photo by Lorie Garcia, Studio 4d4

LOVE ME screens this Thursday at Archway Gallery.  7:30 pm.  Tickets here.


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