So You Think You Can Dance

Happy Thursday, Framers! Today we’re kicking off a new column on the popular show So You Think You Can Dance, which is in its 11th season. We want to know what you think of the show– really.  Please comment below!

So You Think You Can Dance: L.A. Callbacks

In the search for the top 20 dancers, we traveled back  to the Contemporary Round where the judges decided the fate of Bridget. She was given a second chance to prove herself to the demanding judges as she performed her expressive solo, which she dedicated to her father. The talented Bridget demonstrated her skills well enough to impress the judges, and she moved on to the next round.

It’s Group Night on SYTYCD and the 50 young hopefuls were split into groups of mixed talents. Each group was in charge of choreographing their own dance, and stayed up late into the night perfecting them. It became especially difficult for the group One Love, which was comprised mostly of contemporary dancers and one ballroom dancer, Serena. When the routine became too demanding for her, she took over the choreography and created something new for the group. During One Love’s performance, things got challenging when the judges were unimpressed with their act and announced that the members of One Love would decide who would go home from their group. As the other dance crews took the stage, the judges continued to be disappointed with the choreography presented by the dancers. After the dancers were criticized and discouraged, we finally saw some improvement when a group of skilled dancers took the stage to dance to ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. This was my personal favorite of all the groups and the judges thought it was one of the best as well.

The group dances are complete and the competition is between the dancers is greater than ever! The drama builds as One Love still must decide the fate of one of its own members. When finally face-to-face with the judges, the group refused to send one of their own home and each dancer took responsibility for their own mistakes that were made. The entire One Love crew volunteered to go home together. Warmed by their actions, the judges awarded One Love with a second chance in the Solo Round.

During the Solo Round, every style was seen as the dancers played to their own strength. The slow process of elimination began as the unfortunate dancers were voted off by the judges. Though many loved dancers were eliminated, we got to see the top 20 celebrate their stay on So You Think You Can Dance.

–Rachel Kaminiski

*Rachel is Frame Dance’s summer social media intern.  She’ll be blogging a recap of SYTYCD each week!  Stay tuned and welcome her to the Framers.



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